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Milk (Glass)Milk (Poly)MiscellaneousJuices and Water


We support a wide range of payment options such as;

  • All customers to recieve fortnightly or monthly itemized bill
  • Bacs / Bank Transfer
  • Cheque in bottle for doorstep collection or postage to our office address
  • Request a cash doorstep collection in person

Milk (Glass)

Get your milk delivered the old fashioned way. Glass bottles are better for the environment and unlike milk delivered in plastic bottles not homogenized, leaving that lovely cream on the top!

ProductPrice Add/Remove
Whole Pint£0.70
Semi-Skimmed Pint£0.70
Skimmed Pint£0.70
Jersey Pint£0.75
Homogenized Pint£0.75
Organic Pints£0.75
Flavoured Milkshakes£0.99

Milk (Poly)

While glass bottles may be the old way, plastic containers come in a variety of convenient sizes, from the small pint bottle up to the large 2 litre bottle ideal for larger families. We have full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties as well as their organic counterparts available.

ProductPrice Add/Remove
Whole Poly Pint£0.70
Semi-Skimmed Poly Pint£0.70
Skimmed Poly Pint£0.70
Organic Poly Pint£0.75
Whole 1 Litre Poly£1.00
Semi-Skimmed 1 Litre Poly£1.00
Skimmed 1 Litre Poly£1.00
Whole 2 Litre Poly£1.65
Semi-Skimmed 2 Litre Poly£1.65
Skimmed 2 Litre Poly£1.65
Organic 2 Litre Poly£2.00


From our home grown range of Williams eggs to our locally sourced yoghurts and cheeses. We have something for everyones tastes!

ProductPrice Add/Remove
Williams 6 Free Range Eggs£1.40
Ann Forshaw Yoghurts£0.41
200G Cheese£1.50
Langley Farms Bio Yoghurt£1.10
250g Cottage Cheese£1.10
150g Natural Yoghurt£0.52
250g Farmhouse Butter£1.40

Juices and Water

In our humble opinion nothing beats a pint of fresh orange with your breakfast in the morning, but if orange is not to your fancy then why not try one of our other juices?

ProductPrice Add/Remove
Pure Orange Glass Pint£1.15
1 Litre Fruit Juices£0.99
1.5 Litre Highland Spring Water£0.75
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